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Thanks! Nice knowing people out there care about my drivel. I'm hoping the less-formal style helps people with the design process. I'm starting the log early because I've heard of lot of people in the Discord ask for help with inspiration, and, well, inspiration just kinda comes. It's easy to say "This inspired me", but it's hard to say how unless you follow your thoughts exactly. Where and when the ideas came to mind, what you were doing at the time, etc. I can't wait to read everyone else's stuff.

Are you in the jam? I hang out in the jam Discord while I'm slacking off researching, and I'd love to see whatever you're making/planning to make. The more games I play, the more knowledge I get anyways, See you around, maybe?

Hey there! I haven't really been able to hang around pre-jam but now that it's all started I should be hanging around the discord a bit more. So I definitely will see you around!