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A little slow starting out, but I can see this game having plenty of potential. I spent about an hour grinding money in it and had fun as I got better at killing the evil pigeons.

Good job on this and good luck with future updates! Keep up the good work.

As a side note, you may want to add blinking animations to the people. Or eyelids. As things are now, they have a sort of thousand yard stare going on and it's mildly creepy for such a cartoony game, especially seeing them in the tavern/shop.

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Thank you Skydjinn! Also thank you for the blinking animation suggestion, that would be a nice update.

I'm sorry for the prices, I'll adjust them to make the game more fast. About the things you can buy during the match, you don't use the coins below your character's avatar, you use the points that are shown on the upper-right corner. The coins you collect are used just to buy runes, unlock maps and new characters. I'll put some tutorial to explain that inside the game. Sorry for leaving you in the dark.

Thank you so much for playing and for making the video!


No problem. And while this is totally optional, maybe have changing facial expressions for the character icon in the top corner when fighting. Or maybe have bandages appear on the face once they reach low health or something. Just for a bit of personality. Little details.

After spending...quite a while farming money for the permanent upgrades - which felt more justified in price - I finally learned how to get the bonus money at the end of a round, which helped speed things along some. Or at least I think I figured that out, heh.  Any adjustments to the prices shouldn't be too great. Instead, perhaps a clearer in-game explanation on money making or how the bonus is earned.
Thanks for the information about using points to buy things during the fight. Despite spending so much time in the game now, I somehow never noticed that and kept thinking it was coins.

You're welcome. Thanks for making the game.