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McManGles is suspended HAHAHAHA McManGles is suspended, why? HMMMMM lets see could it be because you love to upload copyrighted cartoons like marios, like, uh, simpsons, anything dealing with nintendo or fox you love uploading cartoons. And, uh, this is part of the YTPMV which is the

Y o u t u b e P o o p M o v e m e n t

and what the Youtube Poop Movement is they think it is funny to take animations from tv shows and remix em' and create them as their own, and that is why you are suspended and it is for a good reason, his new channel is McManGles ALT and that channel will soon be suspended, why? because you are re-uploading those stupid youtube poop cartoons with homer simpson AHAHAHA smoking weed mario brothers and dude you are a little boy who has nothing better to do but to upload crap and thats keeping it real.


Bro what are you talkin bout?

tf man