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Bro what are you talkin bout?

Absolute great work.

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I've published an announcement DevLog to my DragStar page. Check it out here:

Here's my first completed game, DragStar. I've interpolated a very old arcade game called Kee Games Drag Race for this game (actually I was thinking about a PC port of latter, but this seemed way easy... and better :D)

In game you have 5 races ("heat") to race, with you being able to race 6th if you pass 6 seconds of best time in any five.

Here's a photo of a game:
Times in left are best times, right of them are session times.

I hope everybody likes it. I'll be happy to get a feedback about the game.

Early Release 4 comes within a week, to be followed by full game by end of July.

Nice work, respect your hardwork! That reminded my (now forever gone) attempts of making Windows cursors with ArtCursors 5.x.

Hi everybody, I'm Sedgwick2K!

I'm a member of Game Maker Community, I myself made lots of demos that I've forgot over 8 (or 9) years. I study Computer Science in college, I'm just newly completed my freshman year.

I can tell that LabRat is my first project that made that far. It is a first person labyrinth game, though those labyrinths are not generated with A* pathfinding system (honestly I still don't know what it is :D ), so I made all those mazes on my own.  This game has two early releases in GMC, so this version is Early Release 3. Here is what it contains:

  • 9 progressively larger and more confusing mazes
  • Movement with WASD and look around with mouse
  • Ability to toggle graphics and widescreen with F1 and F2 buttons.

Here is a screenshot from in-game playing (in high graphic widescreen mode):

And here is the link to project page:

Have fun while playing! I'll be happy to recieve some feedback!