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dude why are so many people posting letsplays



the hood classic

interesting, but a little hard to get used to. I couldn't tell which player I was my first few tries.

wish I could read this

Congrats, I'm so glad you made it this far all the way from the alpha

Ran out of time to make anything more interesting. Thanks for playing!

By far the most fun game I've tried

I agree.

Unity refused to build this game regardless of what i did. I had to reinstall unity and visual studio before it finally worked.

I hope you can add more in the 12 days or so left. I would love to see more

interesting, but too short

Creepy Beach

flat design

I was planning on making an action fps, but my ideas sound bland. I just wanted to discuss what any of you were thinking of doing. If anyone else is going to be making a 3d game in unity, I can probably pitch in any gameplay or programming ideas.

Haven't played yet, but since this isn't scratch, I think it's unnecessary to limit the gore you put in your games, assuming that the only reason you avoided it was because

oh wait this is 3 years old

very fun game

I agree

stop playing this, please

If people legitimately like this, do you want me to update this shit?

This game takes like 30 seconds to beat and has janky mechanics, how is that FUN


If you're reading this, then

I would like to remake a top down shooter I programmed maybe a month ago. I was really disappointed with the results, since the director wanted a much different kind of shooter than the tried and true fast-paced ones I used to make.

The game was scrapped in a pretty poor state -- ideas were hastily implemented and never completed, I spaghetti coded some, and the game just plain wasn't fun.

I am planning on speeding the game up by at least 100%, have simple Ai, but enough enemy types to spice up the combat through different combos of encountered monsters.

Blood, gore, wacky weapons, heavy animations.

A possible skill tree to allow players to experiment with getting the most out of their favorite playstyle and guns.

It's already ambitious to plan on implementing all of the above properly, but I at least want to get a good chunk done during the jam.

The generic choice is an underbarrel grenade launcher/shotgun, but you already have a dedicated shotgun. Grenade launcher would be my go-to. A zoom mode wouldn't really suit it, since it's not entirely meant for constant long range combat.

Blood's tommygun secondary consumes 2x the ammo per shot, but you wave it around, so you are able to hit enemies within a cone around the player's camera.

My idea for thrash was for a machine gun to have a hybrid between blood and the zoom in idea, where your fire rate doubles, you activate a laser sight, and you zoom in slightly. The downside would be to reduce player movement during that time. I don't know if it would really work out, but the idea was to be able to get a big dps spike at the cost of peripheral vision, long range precision, and movement

You could do like wolfenstein and allow the player to scope in and do powerful, accurate single shots at the cost of several bullets.

too many options.


The shotgun is a huge visual and mechanical upgrade from the first demo. I love the idea of secondary attacks for each weapon, like in blood. The assault rifle is still a little underwhelming, but it sort of fits as an analog to a pistol in other FPSs. overall, this seems extremely polished.


hi. It's been a week.

I have no idea. If I had to guess, I would say that you probably rated a lot of games or something.

I use firefox, and I haven't run into any problems with it.

Rad. Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sorry about the level generator, I didn't get around to implementing something to prevent impossible to beat patterns.

I haven't noticed any. I do understand that it's kind of frustrating that you can't really go faster than the camera moves, but I never really had time to polish it.

Very very fast paced, but I wish there was a tutorial. I messed up the first 3-4 drinks because I had no idea what the ingredients were, or how to make the drinks. However, I was quickly able to get the hang of it. The graphics are great, the story was dense, but a nice touch. the gameplay perfectly emulated how it is to work in the service industry, so good job doing that, too :)

It had no audio, though, but I don't mind.


This game is alright, I like the art, and the mechanics are pretty good. I just wish I read the controls sooner, I got stuck a few times.

I found a couple of ways to get stuck in the ground, like switching to the ghost state while standing on the raising bridge.

I wish there was some sound, too. Anyway, Nice job! I'd say 6-7/10.

This is awesome :)

It reminds me of my first games




Thanks, and sorry!