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Hi, thanks for the report! Tough one, I have some idea what could cause this but it's difficult to pin down exactly without a snapshot of the freeze. Could you create a process dump for me? When the game is stuck, open Task Manager, right-click On Rusty Trails (might be called integrate.exe) and select "Create dump file". It's probably a couple hundred MB so it won't be e-mail friendly, maybe you could upload it to WeTransfer or something like that? (ZIP with password if you worry about leaking secrets, but usually there's nothing in there that identifies you except for local paths to your user directory.) A dxdiag.txt for your PC could also help. You can email stuff over to us:

Sorry about the inconvenience, and again, thanks for the heads up!

Sent via Dropbox to your support email.

Received, thanks a bunch. I'll report back as soon as I have something.