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OKAY I'M BACK! I have unlocked 3 endings, and I need to scream here before I go back for more. The first ending I got was the WORST one. It was so sad, but I aaaalways get the bad endings first because I'm just that unlucky haha. But the other 2 endings were great, so I'm super happy. 


Really. I'm spoiling a lot of the route.

Like, a lot. Like, turn back. 



PIETO TRISTE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Look, I know this will sound terribly cruel, but... Bastien who? It's his own route but Pieto STOLE THE SHOW. The moment MC and Pieto met at the Ball... man, I felt something change. It was so subtle, and every little interaction showed just a little more, but you could feel something was happening. Pieto stole my heart, completely. He is perfect for MC, he can be and give her everything she ever wanted or needed. And she can do the same for him. He's also hot, have you seen that scene while confronting the two "lovers" at the inn? He's so freaking commanding. "SIT DOWN!" Hell yeah, that's a future King you're talking to! After having Bastien allowing every insult thrown at him and MC, it was so refreshing to see Pieto threating to cut someone's tongue off for being slightly disrespectful to MC. 

I was super scared about him, tbh. Because every time I saw him I liked him more and more and I had suspicions he'd end up being manipulative and with his own agenda. Charlotte and Bastien didn't seem to like him, and I was on edge. But thank god! He's honest, and good, and honorable, and--! I just love this man so much! You gave us two routes in one, and I'm so grateful for that. What a delicious surprise. AND MC GETS TO BE QUEEN WITH A KING THAT ACTUALLY DESERVES HER (yeah, I'm salty with Guillaume after his demo). 

Moving on from King Pieto Triste, long may he reign, Bastien's route was so sad. I felt bad for Bastien and MC, they were so unhappy together, even when you're trying to make it work. It was so difficult and painful. And I could understand why, it wasn't unnecessary drama, but... it was hard. MC had to endure so much pain and embarassment, I felt terribly for her. Bastien also broke my heart, especially in his bad ending and in Pieto's ending. Poor boy, I hope he manages to find real happiness without MC in Pieto's ending. He deserves to be happy, and THERAPY. GIVE THAT POOR MAN THERAPY! LOTS OF IT! Also, and excuse my French, but... fuck his father. The character I hate the most. I don't even hate other characters, just him. Fuck him. When MC was like "Good thing he's dead, or I'd strangle him" I was like YEAH GIRL, GO FERAL ON HIM. Have I mentioned MC is amazing? She is. 

NEXT! Albertine! Baby girl, you changed for the best! I love her! I liked her more than Charlotte this time, and I found Lottie adorable in TROS, so... 

And I must talk about my favorite boys. Leopold and Frederique. My all-time favorites. THEY'RE PERFECT STILL. I talked like... twice with Leo, and man, was I pining for him. I can't wait to go all Queen and King stabbity stab goodbye Auguste see ya later Guillaume. And Frederique is my man to the last, to quote the man himself. He's the one who has the most dangerous relationship with MC and I bet he would NEVER allow anyone to talk shit about them. Someone WHISPERS something about Minette? You're done. Aaaaand, I've seen he appears as a third option if your marriage with Bastien is crumbling, so I'm gonna go back to the game and explore that. I doubt it's a romance route like Pieto, because Frederique has his own route, but... even if it's just a sibling route, he's my man to the last <3 

I'll leave with the quote that made me think "I'll marry that man": 

A young lady of Yvette's wit will make a King of any man. 


Hello and many thanks for your feedback and support - I am very happy to hear you enjoyed the route - including the new romance option. ^_^

I hope you like the coming routes just as much.

Thank you for playing