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Hi Santa! I'm your giftee, and I must say I LOVE THE GAME! :D

I still haven't been able to beat the game, (these pidgeons are a real threat XD) but I'll do it tomorrow for sure ^^

Could you maybe make a Windows build? 



I am glad you like it. I have added a windows build file for you to download. I am sure you can beat the pigeons! Just so you know, some of the Sudoku puzzles are harder than others, so if it is a tough one, restart, and you may get an easier sudoku.

No, sudokus aren't what makes it hard for me, haha. I love/hate those pigeons, when I see them coming I feel the urge to feed (or maybe shot) them XD

I'm getting better at dodging while thinking! :D

Thanks a lot for the game!! :D