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Very good game...Good graphics and sound. Wall jumping was a little difficult for me...character seemed to slide down a little too fast...but I was able to get past it with a lot of tries.


Yeah. I felt the wall jumping could have some improvement a bit, The Flood was giving me issues because of it and i felt the flood gets a bit too fast making it a endurance round. 

How ever, i love the game. :D 


Thanks a lot! Yes, the walljumping takes some getting used to. Are you using a controller? 

No...Keyboard...but I'll try to see if a controller is easier...


I switched over to a controller and that seemed to handle much better! The water rising level had me in a bind until I did that haha

I admit, i don't have a controller for it. 

I doubt my ps4 one would worked in this case.

Maybe try disabling the built-in controller support by pressing F3 and then using a program like Joy2Key to bind the keypresses to the buttons of your PS4 controller.