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Thanks for the spoilers warning, considering out of the characters for KZ. 

Iroha seem to be one who is a lot more favorable based on polls. 

Considering my friend WistieCutie have put a lot time and effort, i am happy you enjoy the game. 

I hope that certain track plays at the end of the game made you emotional. (Me and my buddy composed it haha.)

How ever, which character you wish to see to have a lot more background and backstory?

Overall this is for a discussion.

Hi there, glad you like the game. i advise to avoid mentioning spoilers. 

Me and Wistie have been talking about putting the game in other languages before. 

Funny enough, right now we are focusing on fixing the typos of the EN version.

Thank you for enjoying the game! me and my friends did some original music on the project just for our time alone. 

It all in lossless quality via bandcamp and how ever that depends on what assistance you want to give.

I admit, i don't have a controller for it. 

I doubt my ps4 one would worked in this case.

Yeah. I felt the wall jumping could have some improvement a bit, The Flood was giving me issues because of it and i felt the flood gets a bit too fast making it a endurance round. 

How ever, i love the game. :D 

This was a very fun game to play through,  if you like hard and yet fun platformers it definitely for you. 

My friend really work hard on this one, he also did the music in this too. Which sounds very good too. 

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Hey there  it me, i wonder how the redesigns doing? will they ever be revealed or posted somewhere?