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bug report, the right arrow key is not registering properly, in the menu it doesn't input at all and on the maps it's always active: forcing your character to move right and not letting them go left

One of your computer's devices (such as joystick, or even certain gaming keyboards) is causing this behaviour. Disable your devices, then reactivate one by one until you find the problem one, and leave that one disabled.

Reference: Certain Human Interface Devices can mess up directional input, for instance locking it as permanently up and to left. In my case, it was “HID-Compliant Consumer Control Device”.

-It started working after unplugging and replugging in my keyboard after a reset. (Turns out it was a small gaming keyboard)

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well there's my problem, apparently the USB controller I had plugged in was facedown in a way that its analog stick was stuck inputting right

Glad you found the problem!