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Heyy I've made a video about the game and wanted to share it here, hopefuly it's useful for the developement of the game :)

Also I wanted to share some quick feedback from what I've played :)

-Visual style fits perfectly the theme of the game :D

-The concept of the game it's interesting

-At the video I got some strange bugs/glitches

-Puzzle minigame works great but the cup/waiter minigame could be polished or made easier

-I don't know why but my mouse controls where inverted in the "X" coordenates.

Good luck with the development :D


Thanks so much for not only checking out our game, but also offering feedback!

I certainly agree that there are some places that we could have a bit more polish, but due to this being a game jam game, I think we're going to leave it where it is.

If we do go back and fix it up we will be sure to send you a message =]

Great :D good luck your future developments :)
If someday you need feedback I'll be happy to check out your games.