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Hi there!
Thanks for the interest in my music.

Just to clarify the license I use:
There are a few rules when you using my music.
It has to be part of another production. (A game, a video, a podcast ect.)
You are allowed to modify the works. So yes voices can be added.
But it would not create an original composition that could be sold on stock websites or as a soundtrack. (So also not to upload it to any digital music distribution services)

Giving credit is optional for all my paid music. But highly appreciated! (Unless you are using my creative commons royalty free music. Credit is required in that case)

Hope that clarifies it!


Completely. Thanks for the extra notes! I am still in the planning phase, but I am considering to release for free a short sci-fi visual novel, so your music would be part of that (and I will credit). The reason why I am looking at the possibility to add vocals is that I wanted to work with synth singers for a lot, and your tracks really give me a solid ground foundation for that, and it would fit my game more :D

There we go. I will get in touch again if I proceed with the project in any way, so you will be able to enjoy the results.

Sounds cool!
I always like to hear about projects using my music! You can always message me.