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Tim Beek

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Awesome game! 😄
I love Dogs and Cats.
Thank you for using my music and giving credit!

The game looks fantastic! Thank you for using my music!

That's so cool!

Thanks a lot and best of luck with your game!

Sounds exciting! Thank you for your interest in my music! 🧙‍♂️

Super cool! Thanks a lot!

Thank you for checking the package out!

Hi all!
I have had a very positive experience with my first royalty free package. So I created a second volume!
This pack includes different genres and all files loop seamless. You can pick from wav and ogg.

All the info about using the music in your game and licensing can be found on the page.

Royalty Free Music Pack Volume 2 by Tim Beek (

You're welcome! Thank you for listening.


You're welcome! Good luck to your project. 

That's great! Thanks for using my music!

Yes you can use them in the game and sell the game. Just not sell the music directly.




Hi There!
You can use it in any project commercially but it has to be part of a project. (Like a game, video, podcast ect.)
And you can sell the project that has my music in it.

The same music can be used in multiple games.

Music that has been bought from me dont need any credits. (It will be optional)

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions let me know!

Sounds cool!
I always like to hear about projects using my music! You can always message me.


Hi there!
Thanks for the interest in my music.

Just to clarify the license I use:
There are a few rules when you using my music.
It has to be part of another production. (A game, a video, a podcast ect.)
You are allowed to modify the works. So yes voices can be added.
But it would not create an original composition that could be sold on stock websites or as a soundtrack. (So also not to upload it to any digital music distribution services)

Giving credit is optional for all my paid music. But highly appreciated! (Unless you are using my creative commons royalty free music. Credit is required in that case)

Hope that clarifies it!


Yep 100% stolen and needs to be contested. I see that it came from tunecore so I will send them a copyright claim.
You can contest it and say that its royalty free music from this pack. You can link to this pack and my youtube video 

and thanks for the credits! I always appreciate it when people give credit!

My fiverr is:
Right now it's pretty busy. Quite a few orders in place so new orders will have some extra days of delivery time. Often more busy because of the upcoming holidays.

Hi! Thanks!
I do mostly music for video games. I do have a few music pieces on my website that fit better for film.
I did do music for a few animations. But now all my requests on fiverr are for video games.

Thanks! Super cool. Looks fun!

Thanks! I'm glad you like my music!

Thank you for listening! Glad you like my music!😊
Good luck to your project.


Hello, thank you for the nice comment! I'm glad you like the music. This pack was inspired by Deus Ex. I know some of the work of Clint Mansell. (requiem for a dream)


Thanks a lot! Cheers! 😁

Thanks 😄

Thank you! I also have a royalty free music pack if you are interested in the free songs 😁

Awesome! Always good to hear my music is being used in games!
The game looks really cool!

Thanks Pandemon!
Glad you like the music!

Also thanks for that follow ^_^


Hi all!  My name is Tim Beek. (Pronounced as "beak") I'm new to itch! I'm a music composer from the Netherlands and I have worked on a lot of different indie games over the years.

Today I released a royalty free music pack!
All seamless loopable wav files.

Download here:

If you have found this pack useful consider giving me a follow.

Looking forward to release more music on here!

All the best!