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Tim Beek

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Thanks for getting the packs alexdume!
I would love to see what you made when its finished.
Send me a message by then and I will definitely check it out.
Also thanks for mentioning me in the credits!

It was a new updated version 1.1 that was marked as hidden for some reason. Should work now :)

Patreon supporters don't have to credit my music when using it. Both my creative commons music and Premium music.

That is how itch io programmed their website. Paid content added to a free download won't show for the Patreon download. I didn't know this until now. I can send you the assets through Patreon for the time being.

Hi RutgerS,
I added them for you!


Fixed it! :)

Hello SkywolfGameStudios,

Thank you for getting the music pack!

For custom music, I have a gig on Fiverr:

Looks great thank you so much for using my music!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!!

Thank you for using my music!


Thanks! I appreciate the credits!

Awesome game!


Yes, I composed and produced them. You can sell your game.

You can't sell the music as a soundtrack. But your game with the music in it can be sold in any store. (Commercial use)

Thank you for using my music!

Hello Alberto,

I tried the game, looks very playful!
And the smoke when you crash from the plane is funny 😊

Thank you for sharing.
Great job and keep it up.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the support 😊

Good luck with your project!

Really cool! I checked your game. Thank you for using my music!

Might be because of holiday sales

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Hey Jun,

Sounds promising! Thank you for using my music.
I see what you mean with the different formats.
The way you used the creative commons license is good. I'm planning on adding the creative commons license for all my free music to avoid confusion. If you ever want me to try your game feel free to message me.


Very late reply. Didn't see the message!
But yes you can use it and you can credit me.


Never heard of that game :) I think I found it on steam though. Looks cool!

This music was mostly inspired by point-and-click games from the early 2000s. It was commissioned by someone with that in mind.

Thanks a lot, phazonxiii! Welcome aboard.
You also joined the Discord.


I have posted the ones I could quickly find:

For the ones remaining, I will have to find some time soon and I will update it.

Really cool game!

Thanks for using my music!

Thanks for being interested!

Hi eltonnobrega,

Not sure if it's just on my end, but I get a 404 on that page.
But any attribution is of course appreciated!

And I would love to try your app, if I can figure out how :)

Amazing thank you!

I am very thankful for the amazing support!

This one has been influenced by a bunch of games and Ace Attorney is one of them for sure :D

Hey Beast Pixels,

Thanks a lot for being interested in my music!

I looked up the "Chilling Outside No Melody" track that you mentioned and I do hear a little squeak sound at 4 seconds. 
Personally, I can't hear a woman hysterically laughing. 

However, I'm going to investigate because now I'm curious myself. :)
I have a feeling it's just a guitar string sliding when switching notes.

No problem! That's what the license is for :) Have fun with the music and good luck with your project!

Thanks!! Glad to hear it 😄
good luck with your project!

Thanks for the interest!
Happy to hear that you found the package useful!

Super cool! The game looks great. I appreciate the credit!

Awesome! Thanks for the interest!
I really like working on this style of music and I have some more ideas to expand it.

Awesome game! 😄
I love Dogs and Cats.
Thank you for using my music and giving credit!

The game looks fantastic! Thank you for using my music!