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I have been wandering around looking for assets and I randomly stumbled upon your comment on the page's of your characters' designer, so I decided to give your "demo" a go.

I must say that I am really impressed. I will leave a couple of suggestions, since you are interested in polishing the game!

- I would reduce the number of screen shakes and probably remove the drum sound that accompany them. It gets old rather quick :)

- Maybe because I am not an English native speaker, but the use of "them" not to assume gender detracted a bit from immersion. I would have been happier to be able to choose the pronoun myself

- The "drama" soundtrack is the weakest of the pack. It works, but, mmm...

- I like the rage outburst of Tutorial, but.... Considered the more nuanced reference games you picked, I think it should have started more subtle and ramp up during the game. 

These are my suggestions. Overall I didn't expect to be surprised by the game, but I had a wonderful time.

Keep up with the good work!

Completely. Thanks for the extra notes! I am still in the planning phase, but I am considering to release for free a short sci-fi visual novel, so your music would be part of that (and I will credit). The reason why I am looking at the possibility to add vocals is that I wanted to work with synth singers for a lot, and your tracks really give me a solid ground foundation for that, and it would fit my game more :D

There we go. I will get in touch again if I proceed with the project in any way, so you will be able to enjoy the results.

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Hello! Lovely work here. I am a fellow musician and I am considering leaving my hiatus using your backgrounds track to write an original vocal track for a virtual singer (like Vocaloid), would you be OK? Ofc I would credit you :)

Fun idea! :)