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What quote is commonly attributed to Socrates?

    - I think, therefore I am. (False, actually Descartes)
    - I know that I know nothing. (Correct!)
    - I am what I am. (False, actually Popeye)
What is change in acceleration over time is called?
    - Speed (false)
    - Jerk (correct)
    - Shake (totally false)
What is the element of a color that refers to its brightness?
    - Hue (false)
    - Tint (false)
    - Value (correct)
How many sides would a basic tetrahedron have?
    - Four (correct)
    - Twelve (false)
    - Eight (false)

I'm having significantly more trouble thinking of bimboized versions of trivia, but it's a start:

What size would a DDD cup bra actually be?
    - G cup (correct)
    - H cup (false)
    - Trick question, it's still an D cup (false)

Bimbo trivia can also be the same questions she knows she should be asking, but are much easier because of how ditzy she's become, and perhaps some even change into overt requests for sex.

Also, to help bring flavor into the game, little scripts for Cheerilee for each question would be nice.

Here's an example of your first question, the Socrates one, expanded into a full script, as well as given a 'bimbo variant:



Ah okay. I had only thought of running them by you for approval, and not actually to put effort into them in yet. I've done an example of another trivia question as a warm up, so if you see anything wrong with this, let's work it out. Otherwise feel free to use it.


Those seem pretty good, thanks for your contribution

Finished up three more of each, for a total of five normal and five bimbo. I've been struggling to find much of a "voice" for bimbo Cheerilee so if anything stands out, let me know.

Thanks for the input! The demo game here is gonna have a lot more elements than was ever hoped for. Think it's alright but maybe others have some suggestions. good job otherwise.