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The only limits are children, married folks, and really old people. We even thought about the player being able to break apart a married couple...but only for a minute.

Nooooo... bring it back. I've always wanted to play as a 12-year-old homewrecker.

can I say I can't wait to play as a female character? And your game is amazing so far. I love it. Keep up the good work. C:

Actually, Pathea - will the female model be available in 1.1, or is that a bit further down the road?

It'll be in before EA. We'll try to get a few more face/hair types in before then as well. :)

What about the barber shop in town? Are you guys gonna get that working? Love the game, by the way.

Thanks, Pathea, good to know!

And man, I would love to see the Barber shop working. It would be really cool to see a bunch of neat hair styles that are only available from them as a money sink. Unique dye options would be really awesome, too. The hair coloring is super cool in the game, but being able to pay to also change just the tips, or just the roots, or add streaks, or even rainbow effects - THAT would be awesome.