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Oh that's cool, thanks!

I noticed there's a new update in and it seems minor but what exactly was changed in this version?

I finished season one and it transitioned to season 2 but now I can't spar a lot of people and I can't gift a lot of them too. BTW, great work on the update!

I suppose you could just buy the game during early access?

Hi, I was wondering where everyone showed up for the start of a date since I was trying to go out with Ginger but I couldn't find her. I do know that Sam shows up in front of the town fountain.

What about the barber shop in town? Are you guys gonna get that working? Love the game, by the way.

So I just finished playing through the first month and now I can't spar anymore. Is this a bug with the game or a problem with my save?

Nooooo... bring it back. I've always wanted to play as a 12-year-old homewrecker.