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Aaah! I can't believe the demo is out! So happy right now!

I've actually finished playing it once, and I must say I really love the art style, even more than I thought before. And I love Tirs... A. LOT. Haha!

Seriously, it's great to have a hero you can really like. I mean, it's sad when you don't care about the hero or, worse, if you hate him or her, right?

Now, one thing that was bothering me in the demo is the lack of option to adjust the text speed. I usually set it up pretty fast, but not immediate, so I had to choose between clicking and making it appear right away even if I don't like that, or letting it appear too slow for my tastes. I choose the former option, but I'd still like to be able to make it appear faster. I think that's my only complaint actually. I mean, I'd like all the BG art to be drawn and not photomanips, but I assume this will be done in time, right? The photos feel like placeholders, and you told there will be some on your tumblr, so yeah.

Speaking of what you were saying on your tumblr, you wanted to know our favorite boy so far, right?

Honestly, I want to say it's Tirs haha! But I know you're talking about the romance options, soo... Well, it isn't Marc, because he isn't my type, and I hardly ever like professor-student romances anyway, so even if he looks very handsome, he really isn't up my alley. Now, between Pol and Biel, it's a bit harder. I haven't seen Biel a lot in the demo, but he's exacty my type, usually at least. The thing is, for some reason I can't really understand, I love Pol quite a lot. I shouldn't, because I don't like the childhood friend type characters (I know it isn't exactly childhood here, but I think you get what I mean), and uh... I dunno, he shouldn't be my type overall, to be honest. But I can't help liking him a lot and really wanting him to be happy. He seems to be already somewhat in love with Tirs and struggling with that, and the way he does is really touching in a way. Sooo... on the long run, I may like Biel more than Pol, but so far I'll stick with Pol I think.

Oh and also, if I may suggest something... While I like the fact you give the option to skip or view adult scenes - it's always neat when people are able to choose - wouldn't it be more convenient to add an option to simply enable or disable adult/suggestive content in the options? I mean, you can still leave the prompts in game when adult content is enabled, that way people who wouldn't want to see some specific scenes can avoid them. I mean, I'll play with adult content enabled and I'm not planning on skipping anything, so it won't affect me in any way, but I dunno, I feel like I would feel unconfortable if I actually didn't want to see any adult content, but the game prompted me to choose each time. Something like "I don't want to know about that stuff, but now I KNOW it's there, and the intensity of it! Ugh!". Well, I actually don't know if people would feel that way, but if I didn't want to see adult content at all I'd do. Maybe you could make a poll or something asking about that? Well, if you feel it's a sensible idea, of course - as I told, it's only a suggestion.

Anyway, to sum it up, I really liked the demo - I didn't mention the story so far, since it's only the beginning, but it's promising and I can't wait to know more about it. Juggling between Tirs's professional life and his sentimental one won't be easy, I'm already sure of it, but I can't wait to give it a try in the full version!

So yeah, thanks for creating such a promising game and sharing the demo so soon! I'll be waiting eagerly for new updates! Already stalking the tumblr anyway haha!

Thank you for such a detailed review! You don't know how relieved I am to hear you like Tirs! It was my biggest fear so far, making a protagonist so workaholic and bad at love relationships that people wouldn't like him.

I didn't touch the text speed options, in fact, so it's supposed to be the default Renpy one, but I'll take a look at it.

About the backgrounds, you are perfectly right: the office, toilets and clubs are not photomanips, but true bgs made by Oncle Mugen for the Lemmasoft Forum, but they are placeholders while Justyna makes the final bgs (like the cafeteria one). We might end using some of Mugen's (those clubs bgs are really gorgeous ), but we'll try to at least make them look closer to our style.

About the option of skipping all adult scenes... I'll think about it. I thought that perhaps people would like the chance to skip only some of the scenes, with the characters they don't like much, for example, or could change their mind and decide to see one scene in a while. I hope more people give their two cents on the question!

Well, I can see your worries about Tirs - it seems legit, but I think the way he is makes him really interesting and you get easily attached to him. Of course I speak for myself, but I really like characters that are actually bad at relationships, and when part of the plot is them managing to get past it. The problem is, almost always when a MC is bad at relationships, it means they don't have any experience, rather than having experience but being bad because of some other reason. I don't think a shy and unexperienced hero is lame per se, but it's very refreshing to see someone like Tirs!