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Hello! Your DEMO has been in my game queue for a while, but I finally got the time to play all the way through! I really like it, and I'm going to write an entry about it all in my blog, but I wanted to give you some feedback before that. So I got the questions you posted in the forums:

1. What do you think about the story/premise? Would you want to play it?

I think we've all had a crush on a teacher at some point, so it's relatable on that front. Overall I like it.

2. Which character seems most interesting? Who's your favorite so far?

I love Basil. Sassy smart boys are kind of my thing. So he's my first pick, but I find Mr. K and Sidney interesting also. Mr. K's chemistry jokes are killing me, hahaha :D

3. What do you think of Marina? Can you relate to her? Would you want to play as her?

I was never the athletic type so I wouldn't say I relate to her on a personal level. I like her, though. She's cute, and seems genuine.

3. What would you like to see from this game? What expectations do you have?

Romance and drama! I mean, so far it seems good. More puns!

4. How do you feel about chemistry?

I've taken lots of Chemistry classes, so good enough, I suppose. Haha.

5. What do you think of the current character designs/art direction?

I love your bright and colorful art style! Basil's hair? Love it. <3

6. Any other thoughts, comments, or concerns?

I love the Chemistry Education sprinkled in. Overall I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Oh wow! Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm looking forward to reading what you write, and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! C: