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What game are you having trouble with? You might want to ask the creator of that game, specifically. Also, are you using the app or a web browser? If the latter, which browser and version? On what operating system?

the game is i am technician it is a unity web player game i use firefox 52 for unity web player games unity web player game work on different websites i use windows 7 and the creator did not reply on twitter yet here is the link


The Unity webplayer plugin has been deprecated by Unity, which makes it difficult to run some of the older games on our site. Are you sure you have the webplayer plugin installed?

yes it is installed

and when i try to download it by using inspect element and searching .unity3d when i try to download the .unity3d file it allways fails to download

if the game works for you can you send me a link to download the .unity3d file


Here, try this out: I'm not in front of a computer that supports the web player at the moment.

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its not working it just says YOU ARE ERROROUS