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There's absolutely no way, you modelled all the 3d Assets and Textured them in a week, including grass and a fully modelled turbosquid level car, it even has the interior. I hope the staff realizes this!


I understand that you can feel frustrated by the level of polish of some jam entries.

In my experience online contests are not a level playing field, as participants often come from very different backgrounds.

When hobbyists or students are competing against people who are doing this for a living, it can feel unfair to have them be judged on the same scale.

Art assets are not only thing that make a game good though, in jams we constantly lose to games that have less impressive graphics but better gameplay.

Anyway thanks for playing our game, I hope you'll be able to relax this weekend as I'm sure you had an exhausting week working on your game as well.

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I would say that is not that hard to do it, if he is an advanced 3d artist he might done it in 2 days even less
I m a 3d artist more as an environment artist so i would do it in max 2 days, about the grass you can make it in 30 min max, for example for our game i didnt slept for 36+ hours when we started the jam lol. You better check your story before say stuff like that dude :)