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The coal thing is intended - there is a way to avoid being killed by the coal (rot13: cerff m gb ragre gur pensgvat zrah, gura cerff gur neebj xrlf gb zbir gur pbny oybpx jvgubhg zbivat gur cvax oybo)

Collecting higher-tier materials requires crafting pickaxes first (which is not explained in-game)

It sounds like the tutorial messages I put in still don’t make things very clear - sorry about that! I think I’ll make a short explainer video. Thanks for the feedback and for checking my game out!

Ok, thank you for letting me know and you're welcome.  As for the tutorial messages, all I saw was a message that said punch trees.  Is that what you're referring to?

yup. There are more messages later, but you got (understandably) confused before getting to them. 1:30 in particular of might help you get to the rest of the game, if you’re still interested!

Ok, great.  I'll take a look at the video.


Thanks so much for the tutorial video.  It really helped.