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Hey, I'm having problem with CS:GO map import. After importing mats, props and then the map, models are showing up on the level, but not the biggest parts such as floors, walls, buildings etc., only models. But! I can see those bigger meshes in content browser, still there are too many of them to actually place them on my own. What do I possibly do wrong, or what should I do, to make them place on the level? As I said, everything with those meshes not placed in the level is fine, mats are assigned and created,  they are just not placed at  all.

...  huh.
Did it really not create any actors for the actual level geometry in your map?
Or are they just not being rendered?
Have you tried clicking the eye icon off and on to force a show all refresh, like in the troubleshooting section of the documentation?

Uhh, it's like, it places all those small models on the map except those big ones which are in contest browser still. Dunno why, tried refreshing the view as you said but it didn't fix anything. Worth to add is the fact, that it happens only to the newer cs:go maps, such as Inferno, but also Cache which is pretty old map, but I noticed something weird bout it. Both inferno and cache are having different type of write or something like that, cause they do not have the normal map compression and then materials + models in the game folder, I have to decompile them  with embed files so the file structure is different. I gotta load materials separately cause I get them from the .bsp file  after decompiling.

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Weird. There are known problems with decompilers writing broken vmf files, though.
Have you tried opening your decompiled maps in Hammer, see if they work there and save them before trying to import them in HammUEr again?
Just checked with an inferno vmf from here, and that imports (mostly) fine, so maybe use those instead of your own decompiles?