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Oh my Goddess! (NO I don't believe in more then one God, but I ended up taking this term from a book I read so I didn't say God's name in vain lol)

1.) Do I love Neil's route? Yes.. Yes I do. He probably isn't well liked by other's but for some odd reason I see this boy with a heart of gold in there. Under all that angst he's obviously got going on since he was still in the care of his parents. He is under a lot of expectations, I can only assume this. He obviously hasn't been near too many girls that he may have liked as it's easy to see he is quite flustered easily, and made uncomfortable when he is too close to the protagonist. Those elements in the story are what I like, when someone is so high and mighty get's flustered from someone who doesn't care to pull him down from his pedestal.

2.) I honestly can't tell you this one, because I can't seem to find a save option for your game. So I have to start from scratch with getting his CG's, and points. Though generally I choose the blunter of the options given, because I can often be referred to as the bluntest tool in the shed. lol

3.) I pulled an all nighter to finish all of his chapters.  I absolutely can't wait till you get more chapters and elements to this  game. I look forward to playing a lot more of it! In fact it's in my 'Patiently Waiting For' collection, because I absolutely love the thought you have put into your game. I can not stress that enough that I love the thought put into this game!

4.) Dimitri is sweet with a lot of sugar on top. I don't have much of an opinion on him as I do with Neil, but that's because he doesn't have a lot of chapters out. I can say that I think he'll be the bunny out of the bunch. Neil seems more like a panther waiting to pounce on his prey. That's just me though.

5.) It didn't take me very long to finish his chapters. Around two hours I would think. I wanted to read both routes slowly, and didn't actually start till I finished Neil's.

6.) I have to say it's Neil. Dimitri hasn't developed himself yet in the role of male antagonist yet for me. I do however, look forward to reading more of his chapters!

7.) I personally like the CG where the protagonist fell on Neil, showed off how flustered and uncomfortable he was with the situation. Made me personally assume, he did not have much experience with girls in close proximity.

8.) My favorite Chapter has to be the masquerade ball. Go heroine, go! Be the Cinderella you were meant to be!

9.) The masquerade ball made me flustered the most, he was the one that was the obvious man. What with his approach to the protagonist of the story. I felt embarrassed for the protagonist for picking the WRONG Neil, lol. 

10.) I love everything about your game! I love that I can choose her appearance for how I want to have her look, and that it's incorporated into the CG's! You did a marvelous job in making this game the way that it is.

11.)  I'm highly interested in the thief. Cain I believe his name was.^^;

12.) I would love to see more from you in this game. For instance I always love when a programmer adds easter eggs to their game!