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can you make like a realistic amoung us like ya know with like real voting instead of skiping it and a crewmate instead of allways being the imposter and like real people cuz i have a friend that LOVES this games but if you like switch it up a bit she'll love it even more to the point she'll play it every day and also i like that it has settings and stuff but it has fake task like you cant do anything and can you make more than one world.

im pretty sure a game like this already exists... yeah i think the name was among us.

this might sound mean but i think she likes it because she can experiment with it without worrying about other players with much more knowledge about the game, and its more special then free play mode because there is implemented ai. plus its also single player but like

 if you want to play this game online or more "realistic" (because space man ejects other space man for murder is realistic) then follow this procedure

go on the app store or play store

then search "among us"

then youlle see a red guy on a yellow background that looks like the characters on this game it should have an install button next to it

then click it wait a few moments 

then go on your home screen and find that red guy again then click it 

and there you have this game online