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bruh it kept getting foggy and more foggy and it made me dizzy    :P

can you make like a realistic amoung us like ya know with like real voting instead of skiping it and a crewmate instead of allways being the imposter and like real people cuz i have a friend that LOVES this games but if you like switch it up a bit she'll love it even more to the point she'll play it every day and also i like that it has settings and stuff but it has fake task like you cant do anything and can you make more than one world.

ok its rainbow muffin#3928

i'll tell you my 4 didgit code

can we be freinds?

yes mine is "rainbow muffin" yours?

mhm mine disord name is rainbow muffin would  you like to be my friend?

hewo sowy it been long twime do you have discord?

hi i sowy it been a long time c:

this is so cute!

tysm i bet if i look at yours its perfect

broooo this shit here RIGHT here bro IS THE SHIT

do yall like mine?