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Also btw mira hq and skeld dont work on mobile

And yes i have tried without hd skeld on

Bug report for new update when u finish the game and it says continue it wont respond when u click 

On phone

Added 3 new Christmas related hats.

bit late lmao

doenst work

I definetly made this 


i played it very early too remeber when storage was were electrical is right now

i reported him an hour an a half ago on all his new comments  so its either that or its you


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also something to note is that the custom map's outside area has a room on the top right which no crewmate goes to

Also skeld doesnt work on mobile and never has so that might be something to check on

(And yes i turned off shadows and hd skeld)

Its been a month since this game first came out 

Lots has changed since

Not to mention the special map use to have stoarge instead of electrical and that the outside area didnt even exist the office part also completly grew and changed

Hats werent in the game same for pets skelds wasnt even in this game when it released 

This comment section has just become spam and people asking for the same things 

Self reports was added vent reports were also fixed

Also has anyone  noticed how the custom map has 2 medbay scaners 1 at the bottom and 1 outside 

yeah i guess especialy with the current ai that does task really quickly  goes to sabotage instantly moves in very predictable patterns but if it did get better it as an ai then admin table could have some use

windows says its a virus

it says 2 now

i wish itch.oi made it so that if you deleted your comment it would just fully make it dissapeare in stead of keeping it as deleted comment

no i was just saying that you said it would only be useful for crewmate mode when it can also be usefull for imposter

i didnt lol

Btw dasdasda is gone

Was it edited

You didnt need to type in that many m's

I mean this isint choking whenever you search online on google for anything its usually that they mean that

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Also admin table would be useful as imposter for when you cant find anyone

10/10 for communication

Its evolving just backwards

si cReWmAtE moDE

this is the same level that suggestions are for the real among us devs


damn i forgot storage used to be where electrical

told you red was sus

damn i remeber this before the game blew up

thats not what he means loading the page for him is really slow so if he could download it he would only need to download it once and not have to wait for a while everytime he wants to play

Something that should maybe be changed is vents and there location on the map now this is only really a problem on the orginal skeld map since the other one is completly original but if this game is made for practicing killing people  i would recommend moving to there in game locations other than that i would say that nav and reactor as is considering there only conbined version of the original ones on the map its mostly cafe admin hallway that should be changed

Yeah its been weeks odd a bunch of people are also saying this or atleast less people are saying it but the ones who do say it more welp atleast its mentiond about half as much as cReWmAtE m0dE

What do you mean if you mean using keyboard to kill or vent than use the following 

Q to kill

E to vent 

Ctrl + w open sabotage 

Alt + f4 for report

You can really see how this games outline of the ship that is the invisible walls is completly different than the real game

Honestly o2 should probably still be added because sometimes you want people to go to the other direction comms tho only has one possible utility that being stoping them from doing task but considering the fact that the amount of time it takes for them to complete all there tasks is pretty much always the same it would basicly be like adding more tasks and  wasting a sabotage when you can just add more takss for them

addition to this bug sometimes what happens is that people ask for this game to be online without knowing that it actually is plz fix this soon


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the peeps get stuck on blocks sometimes and it makes it really easy to kill the boss

btw dont waste your time on looking at the comments on kevin games they all just say hi 

is this real (probably because its marketed as online on there)

basicly its all just kids

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some more bugs that i found is that reactor only needs for 1 crewmate for it to be fixed

another thing that should probably change is how long they take to do task i have noticed its random but that random number is always something between 0.5 ~ 5 seconds