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Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it! =] Have you ever played the original 'Joust' from 1982? Always one of my favs on the rare occasion an arcade still has a cabinet. Not a lot in common with Hoverbike Joust, but lots of fun, and I don't see it get mentioned much these days.

Actually I have! (had it on Gameboy a long time ago), and Hoverbike Joust actually made me think of it! Great minds think alike it seems. Another good jousting game is Last Knight Rogue Rider, if you haven't heard of it. Do you know any more jousting games? ;D

After another session of Hoverbike Joust I grew to like it even more. I congratulate you on the original idea and great execution! This really is a game I can easily imagine sinking countless hours into (with the leaderboards and multiplayer oh boy)

The barrels in the circa-83 are fun to tip over. This made me wish that destructible objects like this would be awesome to see more in the game (e.g. a little shortcut blocked by barrels or something like that). I truly enjoy this kind of physics-based-braking-stuff in games :) Or a tree branch that you have to duck under, if you don't you will hit your head in it and crash! Or water obstacles (or pits or something) that you have to kind of glide over by first leaning forward and then backward while accelerating. OR MAYBE there could be a trial mode with these features, that has really difficult tracks and obstacles and require very precise control of the bike? (I thought of this when I was trying to jump on top of the spawn points in arena mode, and to be able to do that and control the bike precisely gives great satisfaction, also making flips is fun). Or a mode that would have some sort of targets on the track that you have to joust. Well these are joust a couple of thoughts that came to mind! :)

Anyways, good luck with the game, I will be waiting the next iteration of it (and playing the last)! I wish great success for you.

ps Tried your other game b-12 and it was really great and fun to play, too!

Hey, thank you again for the awesome feedback and encouragement! You are right on the money with my vision for the game. More physics-objects, destructible stuff, and an unannounced 'running the gauntlet' mode (possibly using my proc-gen algorithm from B-12) are all on my to-do list already, so I think you'll be pleased as the game develops. =] The HJ fanbase is growingggg! =D