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Alpha 0.0.3 coming soon! I'm back!

Thank you! I'm finally close to finishing B-12 (the game I started before this one), and as soon as that one hits 1.0, I'll be resuming work on Hoverbike Joust. I already got it moved over to a newer engine and started looking into network multiplayer code. =]

Thank you, everyone! Hoverbike Joust is very much still alive! Will be getting back to it after I finish my first game, B-12.

Hi Tathendal, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond! Thank you for all the awesome feedback and for trying it out! =]

Hoverbike Joust is definitely still happening. However, B-12's development began before HJ, so I wanted to do things right and finish what I started. B-12 will be going into Early Access both here and on Steam within the next few weeks, and once I get close to finishing B-12, I'll start shifting work back over to Hoverbike Joust.

New alpha (0.0.3) uploaded. First-person mode (optional) added! Lots of improvements! Detailed changelog in the readme.txt

Hey, thank you again for the awesome feedback and encouragement! You are right on the money with my vision for the game. More physics-objects, destructible stuff, and an unannounced 'running the gauntlet' mode (possibly using my proc-gen algorithm from B-12) are all on my to-do list already, so I think you'll be pleased as the game develops. =] The HJ fanbase is growingggg! =D

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it! =] Have you ever played the original 'Joust' from 1982? Always one of my favs on the rare occasion an arcade still has a cabinet. Not a lot in common with Hoverbike Joust, but lots of fun, and I don't see it get mentioned much these days.

New alpha (0.0.2) uploaded! This update adds difficulty settings & secondary weapons, and improves platforming-feel (less frustrating/unforgiving).

I'll be honest. I kind-of hate most third-person shooters. They're doing it wrong. FPS controls feel nicer for a 3D shooter. B-12 has the same movement and aiming controls as an FPS, but with the added situational awareness of a third-person view (which is better for platforming, melee and bullet-hell type situations). Playing B-12 feels just as natural with a mouse and keyboard as it does with a gamepad. There is no hold-to-lock, no cover-system, no text all over the screen, etc. If you don't want to get shot then get out of the way!

The controls are minimal by design. As few buttons/keys as possible. I'm aiming for more of a twitch, arcadey, 'easy to learn, difficult to master' type feel.

The gameplay elements are also minimal by design. Each element in the game is meant to serve its single purpose, with no other element serving the same purpose, as this is just clutter to me in games. (*Let's have nine varieties of wooden crates. They all drop the same things, but boy they sure do look different.*)

If you're going to have clutter, why not let it be lots and lots of little bits of exploded robots and crates. And lots of plasma-burns all over the wall from your shootouts. In B-12, all of the burn-marks and debris are persistent. A history of your playtime in the current level. Since there is no map in the game, and you don't always have the radar, you can use these burn marks and debris to your advantage. Leave yourself clues and trails to get back to the exit once it's activated.

These are only a few of the ways that B-12 is different from what you expect of a third-person shooter. It definitely won't be for everyone. But if you appreciate minimalism, and you, like me, wish there was a game that merged the easier aiming, twitch controls, and free-look camera of classic 90's FPS games with the third-person view and platforming of 3D platformers from that era, then you should definitely give B-12 a run.

Thank you all for the great support so far!

B-12 community · Created a new topic Brantisky Mk. 12 - FAQ

I figured I'd start this so it's here. So far, there's no FAQ, as there have been no Q's A'ed.