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Hey! I haven't been checking itchio and only now see this post. Sad to hear you thinking about dropping this, but I do understand where you are coming at.

I would buy the full game for any price, online or not. Just singleplayer and Local (and LAN??) would be so great. There are no modern or good hoverbike games (execpt Desert Child but that's really different) and therefore I really think this game has potential to be commercial success, if media picks it up, etc. There are not good jousting games either! ;)

Just doing DM in current build is so much fun. I think this could be really cool even without online MP, just need to make the single-player aspect appealing, really come up with something cool. For example (most obvious that come to mind) proper and challenging, championship mode, and some sort of trial mode (race to finish or JOUST all the targets).

I can see this game going in many directions, the DM jousting aspect is great ofc, or make the physics and controls more finesse and challenging-> racing becomes more interesting itself. As of now, the physics and controls are IMO such that they support the DM aspect much better than races, although races are still also very fun!

Honestly, I don't find CTF as a very intriguing mode for this game. Maybe some sort of sport involving a ball and goals...? Meh..?

Aforementioned trial mode, navigate hard tracks (+track editor??). This could even work as a exploration game, could be fun to explore vast open map with the bike, hard places to reach, with some gangs that you have to beat (Deathmatches and races). maybe get some upgrades and able to tune your bike (cosmetics and performance). Or take influence from kart racers, take the best of mariokart/CTR and put it there. Maybe a track editor that allows custom objectives (race, find all objects, tip over all barrels, kill x amount of opponents, race under xx.time). Make local-co-op interesting somehow, some challenges, chase (try to KO other, other tries to run), team chase, tow some sort of barrel and protect it as team from enemies. Some sort of infinite mode would be cool, be a team, see how long you survive, how many opponents you can joust.

Just what I mean with these good and awful ideas is that in my eyes this has great potential to go in multiple directions and to be a great game even without online. Thinking about commercial success, even with online emphasis it might be really hard because getting a good/big enough community is really hard and you get negative reviews for just if there are no people online playing it.

I really hope you will make at least some sort of completed game out of it! I promise I will buy it :)

It must've been Omeganaut! Gotta give it a shot! Big Thanks!


So it was in the BLM bundle, I was going to buy it but somehow managed to forget about it, it was already ended when I remembered. I remember there was a game remotely reminding of 16 bit Starfox game, a pseudo  3d flight/shoot em up style that I really wanted to try, please help me if you know what I mean or can advice how I could find it. Thank you in advance!

Seems fun but I cannot play at all with the inverted mouse vertical I tried 5 minutes not gonna work sorry please help with this I'd really like to try this properly also I dont know how to end sentences send help

This is...really great news! I am so excited about this game. I hope all the best to you on your quest and hope you have fun doing this epic game. Have fun, try not to stress and take your time. I wish this catches wide attention, as it will (and already does) deserve! There are so few hoverbike games, and so few jousting games. These should be the two main genres of PCgaming if you ask me! ..and even less hoverbike jousting games. I mean, how hasn't anyone come up with this before?! Genious. Going to try the new version right now!

Wow that's great news, times two! Now I am REALLY waiting! (for both:P)

Damnit posting comment resetted my progress!

Nice game tho

How to fire the gun?

Nice concept! I think I had only 5 gears? Oh you counted N and R too now I get it!

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Cool, an update! This game is even better than I remember (or because of the update:) Playing 1st person is a joy, and I like easily to be able to change to 3rd person view for e.g. platforming if you like. I like dashing and jumping, I hope more platforming elements in the future! Movement feels really good and its nice to see your legs and arms and all that while in 1st person. Embarassing to admit, but I couldn't beat the boss (in 1 try), last time I remember it was e-z peasy (difficulty setting might have been different though). Nice changelog by the way, I chuckled a couple of times reading it.

Although this game is very good and promising as I am already liking it very much, I hope you are working on Hoverbike Joust still? Or did you decide instead to focus on B-12 in the end? Man, I am waiting updates on Hoverbike Joust like the rising moon! I won't complain if you decided to focus on this instead:)

Anyways, I wish you tsemppiä, which seems to translate as fighting spirit/ spirit/ energy. Which reminded me, I am going to joust a couple of chumps now since I haven't done that in a while

You forgot to use the B-button moves (and also roll;)

Good game! Looks really nice.

At first the controls feel a little unresponsive with the "drifting" there but it took me couple of races to get used to it (and learning to use that B button), after that it gets easier. Are the controls "drifty" on purpose? I figured so since there is the word drift in the game's name :D

The controls make me think of Wipeout style game (just played BallistcNG) more than a flight"sim" game (e.g. Skydrift), and this is not bad thing per se, its just not how you expect your ship to handle the first time you play. Personally I would modify it a bit so that you could for example stop the "drift" by letting briefly go of throttle, as in a car would handle (you release gas or press clutch and steer forward when you want to stop drifting). Though I like the aspect that you got to actually learn to fly your ship and it is so rewarding when you start mastering it. But all in all, very promising game!

Really cool! Nice physics!

I feel a little stupid:D

Thanks for reply though! Shame I can't try your game, seems cool.

Hey! Game seems cool but I I can't play the game, all I get it this:

and I don't even get the usual unity launcher or whatever that is where you select resolution etc. Help?

Yay I won

Actually I have! (had it on Gameboy a long time ago), and Hoverbike Joust actually made me think of it! Great minds think alike it seems. Another good jousting game is Last Knight Rogue Rider, if you haven't heard of it. Do you know any more jousting games? ;D

After another session of Hoverbike Joust I grew to like it even more. I congratulate you on the original idea and great execution! This really is a game I can easily imagine sinking countless hours into (with the leaderboards and multiplayer oh boy)

The barrels in the circa-83 are fun to tip over. This made me wish that destructible objects like this would be awesome to see more in the game (e.g. a little shortcut blocked by barrels or something like that). I truly enjoy this kind of physics-based-braking-stuff in games :) Or a tree branch that you have to duck under, if you don't you will hit your head in it and crash! Or water obstacles (or pits or something) that you have to kind of glide over by first leaning forward and then backward while accelerating. OR MAYBE there could be a trial mode with these features, that has really difficult tracks and obstacles and require very precise control of the bike? (I thought of this when I was trying to jump on top of the spawn points in arena mode, and to be able to do that and control the bike precisely gives great satisfaction, also making flips is fun). Or a mode that would have some sort of targets on the track that you have to joust. Well these are joust a couple of thoughts that came to mind! :)

Anyways, good luck with the game, I will be waiting the next iteration of it (and playing the last)! I wish great success for you.

ps Tried your other game b-12 and it was really great and fun to play, too!

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Wow nice game! I like the physics. Also nice music. Can't wait for it!

I forgot about jousting. Jousting is my favourite form of violence! Awesome!

Thanks for the quick reply! Good to hear you are making steady progress! I can tell by playing Xydonia that this is coming straight from your hearts. You got 1 backer here ;)

Xydonia seems super awesome! Just played the alpha! I have been looking a shmup EXACTLY like this so thank you for answering to my wishes <3

How can I throw money at your way, should I feel the urge to do so? Also, if I may inquire, how early or late you are currently on the game? THANKS! YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLE FOR DOING THIS.