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Your point is well taken.  

The reason we added electrical systems is that this game is meant to be a robot combat simulator as well as a computer game.  Electronics are an important piece of the real life robot combat experience and we considered real life current and voltage limitations too important to ignore.  Without these limits you could hook up unlimited voltage and have an infinitely powerful robot.

We are definitely looking for ways to make it easier for new players who don’t have experience building combat robots in real life.  There is a growing list on Discord of player-made tutorials and “robot kits” to get new players started.

I have a good idea, unless its too much work. If it can't I understand. Why not make a setting which can choose what type you want it to be? You guys have my a great game (Probably my favorite game) and I hope it does well. Also why did you remove the battlebots esc arena, it was the best arena you guys have made. Unless it was copyright stricken, if not please add it back in the next update.

Also, I apologize for how rude I was earlier. I shouldn't have said such things.