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What platform are you playing the demo on? We haven't had any problems on Windows but there seems to be an error with running it on MacOS.

That's great to hear! We'll work on refining the character interactions even more before the full game. Some of these points (such as Ayane's motivations, family, and her joining the team) are better shown in the full game as it's over the course of several days, which we couldn't include in the demo for the sake of brevity. We'll work on introducing some concepts a bit earlier on such as their weapons and editing some of the choices to have more meaning! 

Thank you so much for putting in the time to play through the demo and give us your feedback, we'll work with it to make the full game even better!

I'm playing it on MacOS. The error was the same error I posted before. It didn't appear in the VN only mode so hopefully its something you've fixed before and its a quick fix.

Thanks for responding and I wish you guys the best of luck! This game is great and I'll definitely be following this project, so I'm excited for further releases!