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Thanks for contributing this. No sooner had I thought it would be a good mental exercise to try and make a Destiny themed microgame myself do I glance over the word paracausal in the intro and realise I'm staring right at it. No need to expend brain power after all.

Just had a few quick questions from a first pass: 

  • By "take a talent" in chargen do you mean "power" (presuming just a typo after changing text from the SRD)? 
  • Could you expand on your idea of Warp? I'm not sure in what kind of situation you might use it, and also is it correct to have the dice chain go up with each use? My first instinct is that the chance of a surge should go up with each use of Warp (i.e. dice size drops down). 
  • I get that Paracausality is synonym for space magic, but I'm not sure what Rending is a reference to (first guess: rending spacetime?)

The weapon/exotic tag rolling is a nice feature and I'm enjoying going through the generators trying to figure out the references. Can't wait to give this a go.

Glad you like it so far! 

  • Yep "talent" should be power - I'll make sure to fix that when I can, thanks for pointing that one out!
  • Warp was sort of a spin on the Stress mechanic found in 2400's Orbital Decay (the mechanics are pretty much the same, just a reframing). I liked the idea of being able to use this "paracausal" outside force that can help you out in tough spots, but also running the risk of things getting weird. In Destiny terms, you could go with unusual things happening with Light/Darkness, weird "not-hive magics", and whatnot. If I get a chance (and can find the room), Warp is definitely something I'd like to tweak some more though (flipping the dice-size-ladder to increase the chance of surges is a good idea). 
  • I have a bad habit of kind of just, tossing in some words that I think are cool/weird and Rending is definitely an example of that haha. Kind of in the spirit of parts of the more esoteric elements of Destiny lore. I'd interpret it however you want! Personally, I was imagining it along a similar spectrum to "taking" (a la Oryx/the Taken), or the more "cosmological damaging" things that crop up in Destiny here and there. Messing with space time is great though, especially if you want to run up against some "not-vex". 

Thanks for the feedback/comments, and if you get a chance to give it a go, feel free to let me know how it goes! I love hearing about that sort of stuff. 

Ah I see now, it took a bit of reading and re-reading but I think I see how it might work in Orbital Decay - you can include your [stress dice] as if it were a [help dice]. However, if it rolls max. then you suffer a stress effect. So the more stressed you are, the better results you can get on a skill test. It's not stated all that clearly but I think a cool way to then figure out the stress effect would be to reroll the stress dice. Higher results lead to worse outcomes and the bigger your stress dice the more dangerous the roll becomes, including death on a 20.

Yes I'd be keen to see what you could come up with, for example you could drop the die size, giving you less of a bonus on skill rolls and a higher chance of bad happening as the warp turns against you/you run low on energy. Or you could increase the die size but find some way to make the outcomes of a surge more dangerous - either mechanically or simply through narration. Spicy risk/reward trade-offs I always find fun.

And thank you for the clarifications, I get what you mean with Rending now - a powerful force to put in the players' hands! If I get a chance I'll come back here with a quick play report for sure :)