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Any new news ?

If by any chance it's not running on Linux, would you grant a refund ? I have no idea how it's working on itchio.

I'm used to Alpha and i can wait, i'm just wondering. 

Also i cannot be the only one running Linux here, who wants to share their experiences and see if "we" can fix it together ?

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Sorry about the silence. We've not had a chance to get the new build for the Alpha out yet due to some conventions where we exhibited, the July 4th holiday and some other unforeseen issues. This build has a lot of new content in it and significantly changes the beginning of the game so we want to test it thoroughly.

A few changes aimed at the Linux issues you reported are in the build and we are hoping to get it up over the weekend or by Monday. We've had a few Linux testers here locally and haven't been able to reproduce the errors you describe but based on where you had the crash we think it's because the textures on the opening were not sized in "power of 2" and your graphics card might have had an issue with that for some reason. Issues with specific hardware are going to be tough for us to troubleshoot as we are just a small team with limited resources.

If it doesn't work on this build and you want the refund, we can definitely do that for you.