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Incredibly strong concept with super solid art-- everyone is so fun and interesting to look at and it was fun to catch on to where the game was going. The final conversation was intense and honest and I was kept just wanting to see under Kale's mask so much?!

I appreciate each ending in how it gets you to think about what might happen after, esp after seeing the true end and thinking back to the bad ends. There's a lot to chew on in this VN that I think isn't hand-fed to you as a reader which is super nice.

Overall, I loved this and I'm so glad to have another KICK-ASS released game from you!

DCS!!! You're always too kind, haha, but I'm thrilled you found the characters engaging and the plot's overall scheme worked for you. These topics are definitely things I think about a fair bit, so I'm glad I was able to do them justice for you as a player without (in your words) coming off as hand-feeding it to you!