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This game is awesome, played it in one sitting. With more levels I could play for hours (and there's looots of potentials, I felt like I was just scratching th surface with all the different mechanics). 

The only part that might be improved are UI and color choices. I was stuck for quite some time in the first tutorial where you use the cell mechanic Maybe adding a highlight of some sort to the bottom area ? I was trying to clic on the object at the center of the screen, not thinking the red bar was important. I kept clicking on the "Pause" button to stop the process. Having some clear play/pause icon instead of the green/red circle could help, and some sort of option/menu icon on the current "pause" button.

The right click to disable a cell is kind of superfluous, simply left clicking to toggle on/off a cell would be more intuitive and comfortable in my opinion.

The opacity effect for enables/disables part is difficult to process, adding some kind of shape/motif differences for on/off would help. Especially when first discovering a level and trying to decypher it.

These are my few nitpicks, but this is a really good idea, the puzzles and mechanics are smart and it's a fertile ground for a great game. Bravo !


Glad you enjoyed it :)

And thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

I got a lot of similar feedback concerning the UI and some of the less-communicated mechanics. Especially the right-click cell issue.

Things to note for my next game.

Thanks again and good luck with the Jam!