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Pierre Vandermaesen

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No it does not

Ahah yes, sorry it took so long, a lot of back and forth with Google's automatic systems

Working on it! It has to do with google payements and my bank account, I didn't know the Play Store just refused payements at a certain point.

what what what, that's super weird

Sorry for the delay, but after a lot of troubleshoot, looks like you have to start the game through the APP to work around the mac OS Gatekeeper.

Maybe you can try starting the game through the app, it seems like a lot of games that have been "unsigned" like mine have the same issue, caused by the macOS Gatekeeper. 

I uploaded the file from my mac, can you try again?

I'll try and upload it directly from my Mac. And don't worry, you paid for it, the least I can do is making sure you can play!

I changed the app file, can you try again ?

Oh I didn't know that !

Thank you <3

Can you immagine paying for your own Pierr


Sorry, there were some studios taking my projects and re-releasing them without my permission, so I removed the sources. Sorry !

yes :)

Yes, this way if someone gets stuck on a level they can still see what's in store :)

If you start a level directly from the level selection menu, the camera should be correctly placed. Thx for the kind words! :D

You have to land exactly on an ennemy dice to capture it

Oh right, it has to do with the name of the zip file

Will fix that thanks !

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Fixed, sorry about that :/

Thank you sooo much Bas, hope you're doing well !

C'est fait sur Unity en C# :)

Added the Mac build <3

Oh yes sure! Sorry, completely forgot ^^

I don't think I'll expand this, it was just a quick boss rush experiment :)


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That's so heartwarming ! Yeah maybe I'll do a more in-depth small strategy game one day ^^

Thanks man ! I'll make sure to check out yours too :)

Yes, go ahead !

This is what happens when you spend 1h on the background art but only 10 minutes on the wave feature


Not quite

Didn't think of a well, that's a cool idea !

You're god damn right !

I already recieved some good words of advice from the community. Apparently, releasing source code without a licence does not make it open source by default.

I requested a DMCA takedown, and I will release the official version on Google play, without ads or micro transactions.

Without a doubt !

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Yeah don't worry, I will continue making games and releasing them for free ! All this support is really heartwarming, you people are the best <3

Thanks :D

Yeah the UI is kinda crowded ^^'

Cool tribute ^^