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Pierre Vandermaesen

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Not quite

Didn't think of a well, that's a cool idea !

You're god damn right !

I already recieved some good words of advice from the community. Apparently, releasing source code without a licence does not make it open source by default.

I requested a DMCA takedown, and I will release the official version on Google play, without ads or micro transactions.

Without a doubt !

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Yeah don't worry, I will continue making games and releasing them for free ! All this support is really heartwarming, you people are the best <3

Thanks :D

Yeah the UI is kinda crowded ^^'

Cool tribute ^^


Awesome !!! Just wondering, where is the data stored ?

Hey, that's my face !

Amazing video, I love your energy !

You got it

WOW ! Thanks you soooo much, I'm so glad to see super fans like you. You're the best :D

Amazing playthrough, super funny x)

Yeah, one day I'll make a proper 10h game. I have to find the motivation, but it's a "when", not an "if"

I hope you're enjoying the game btw ^^

the only difference is the type of resources you need to craft them. Once built they're identical (except for the color)

You have to find it someday

Look at the trash, maybe you'll find a volleyball

Great game, amazing graphics and sound. Controls are a bit weird (too many different buttons, might not be necessary)

I had fun, super polished, congratz !

Rated yours, the rating bug has been fixed :)

Yes this might be due to some bad logic on my side. Unfortunately I can't fix it before the end of the jam :/ Thanks for reporting though !

What makes you think you ever left the room o.o

The view fading is just linear fog ^^ available in the lighting settings.

FYI, I added the cursor because lack of fixed center point can cause motion sickness for certain peoples.

Awesome ! Thanks !


I hope your head don't hurt that much ^^

Thanks ! If anyone comes accross this mouse sensitivity issue, you can tune it with the O & P keys.

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback !
Yeah ran out of time to make a proper death condition, and that muffled voice might actually be mono lol, my bad x)

Not sure how I am supposed to kill the turrets (or if I'm supposed to kill them)

Maybe explain the game's goal in the itch page ? It's not that clear.

Just a friendly reminder to rate it now that the rating period has started <3

Oh crap, I wanted to make a cute and simple euclidian game...

Please rate if you liked it, it really helps a lot <3

thanks !

Ahah, well everyone's a winner ! Thanks for pointing this out :)

Awesome <3

Thanks !

Yeah, even if the Armor game release is a bit broken for small screen sizes, but I'm working on it :)

Thank you sooo much for the detailed feedback ! Lots of great ideas.

Thanks for the detailed feedback ! The font is Do Hyeon.

Coins are generated by mines and farms when they're full of villagers. Houses, inns and hamlets all use coins to produce villagers.

Towers give you an attack bonus when they're full. Each attack point gives you an advantage when attacking an enemy building.

You can zoom out with the scroll wheel :)