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Excellent game!

Made it through to the last boss but unfortunately I got a crash (see attached screenshot, I wasn't able to select and copy paste the actual text unfortunately).

I really enjoyed the catchy soundtrack and humor. Puzzles are tricky but for the most part manageable although crazy gravity can be tough to navigate. Sometimes I think I solved some of them by random chance. I think the player would definitely benefit from somehow being able to see the gravity magnitude and direction at different points in space!

The illustrations in the cutscenes where great but the in-game graphics could have perhaps benefitted from some extra attention. But all in all it was a fun, enjoyable experience.

I'm not able to re-create that bug. Which browser/OS/character were you using?

I tried to implement showing the vector field at some point but it was too distracting unfortunately, I could try again after the judging is done though.

I was on chrome/windows. By 'character', do you mean character in game? It was Lily on contract #25 on my second attempt of that level, I may have been spamming blocks a bit before it happened. I'm guessing here, since it went a bit fast, but I think I may have just beat the witch and that it crashed whilst transitioning to the cutscene.

Thanks! I'll try and test those conditions for future versions!

In the meantime, you could use Playtest Mode (in the options menu) if you wanna try the final boss again, though I wouldn't blame you if you wanted a break lol

Ok I did figure out where the bug was, unfortunately don't know how to fix it but you *did* win.


Ok, I went back and played the last level in playtest mode, this time it worked! So I was happy to be able to see the end credits. Very nice!

Nice! Glad to hear it!