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I really like the game! I do have two things to say tho. 

1. The coins that fall out of the chest go away too quickly, sometimes I have two coins pop out of it right after eachother and I can only get one because the other one fades away before I can get to it.

2. Enemies just randomly drop on your head and kill you. I kept getting slimes just dropping on my head and sending me back to town, really frustrating as you can't do anything against that.


Thank you so much for trying the game and leaving a comment :) it is much appreciated
As for the two point:
1. I don't think this will change
2. A more polished version will be released soon ( with less spelling and grammar mistakes :p ) and smarter spawaner that will give you the time to think about a strategy... no more enemy spawning over head

On the time before the coins fade away, I didn't see you can upgrade the loot life time :) My bad!

I played it a bit more now, one thing that bothered me was the bow weapon. Before the bow you get the hammer, and I was able to attack much faster with the hammer and get a nice amount of money. Then you spend a few thousand coins on the next weapon, and you get the bow which shoots really slow in comparison. So I basically went backwards with the amount of money I was getting.

I'd recommend either making the bow shoot at least as fast as the hammer attacks, or allowing you to switch between weapons so I can use the hammer for hitting the chest.

I agree, weapons need more tweaking, coz right now when you upgrade some weapons it feels more as a downgrade ...
again thank you for your inputs :) and plz rate the game...more interest --> more dev time.

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Rated 👍

Something popped in my mind as a suggestion for the bow. If you happen to decide to make it as fast as the hammer, maybe limit it to 2 or 3 arrows at the same time. So if you shoot a 3rd or 4th arrow the first arrow will just disappear. That could prevent people from spamming the bow.