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HAHAHA love the video, so to answer some questions:
 1. Punching the chest will get you coins: every time you punch the chest you get a coin, some time a silver or  gold or... coins will spawn and will reward you with a bigger amount ( clicker "mechanic" ), every time you punch the chest or jump the number of coins, on the top of the chest (same spot at the store) will change to let you know how many coins you have ( something that I should change maybe add a $ sign )

2. There is a  lot of chest all over the world, press M to see how much you explored 

3. Upgrading to sword: you will find it under upgrade because you are upgrading from fist to sword. ( check the description at the store)

4. Fighting enemies: ( clicker "mechanic" ) every time you kill enemies there is a chance that coins will spawn ( thus an other way to collect coins)

Thank you so much for the review ;) 

There is a lot to the game I wanted the game to be old school where you have to figure out things with minimal directions 

PS: sorry for the spelling error, so embarrassed lol, I'm polishing it right now :p 

Just downloaded your game, look so promising !!!
As for the recording issues, not sure what's going on, I used camstudio and vsdc work fine, It's just screen capture not sure why would the game interfere ?! but I will look into it 

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hahaha... no I don't need to give YOU any explanation, If you don't understand something just shut up and move on "mon ami"


I agree, weapons need more tweaking, coz right now when you upgrade some weapons it feels more as a downgrade ...
again thank you for your inputs :) and plz rate the game...more interest --> more dev time.

Thank you so much for trying the game and leaving a comment :) it is much appreciated
As for the two point:
1. I don't think this will change
2. A more polished version will be released soon ( with less spelling and grammar mistakes :p ) and smarter spawaner that will give you the time to think about a strategy... no more enemy spawning over head

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First, thank you so much for trying the game and leaving a comment :) 
The game is set up that way, as this is a prototype/demo some of the quests cannot be finished, slaying the dragon is the last quest to be able to fight him you need some special power to do so ( think zelda;  Dodongo's Cavern ;) 
Check the map and you will see how much is left to explore...
Support, rate  and interest will get this game a long long way ;)