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A very interesting game, I must say! Unique concept indeed. I'll try to be as spoiler free as possible, if people who haven't played the game read this, so I may seem quite vague at some point, but I'm pretty sure the game's creators will understand pretty well what I'm talking about haha!

The art style is very sweet, and I love the characters' expressions. The setting is nice too, though it would have been nice to get to know it better, but well, the game is very short, so it makes sense we don't see that much of it.

It took me a while to understand the game's gimmick about the endings, because I started with Jeremy's route, and there was an error if you choose to tell him he must have nice plans or something like that instead of talking about grades. I was able to "ignore" the issue, but I was worried something didn't trigger, locking me onto one ending. Fortunately, I've tried the other characters later, and it helped. Still, I'm curious - does the game have only true and bad endings, or can I find a "good" (or other) one too, somewhere? That true ending was too heartbreaking, oh dear!

I was really surprised at the explanations at the end, though. When going through the boys' routes, I was pretty sure that what happened at the end was because Kale wasn't convincing enough when going back to the dorm and because of the "failure" that happened. It was very interesting to actually making it the opposite.

Wow, thanks for the long and thoughtful comment! I'm going to try to run through all your points so hopefully I address them; if there's something I missed, don't hesitate to let me know.

First, thanks for the tip-off about the bug on Jeremy's end of things! I adjusted the script to correct my own buggy typo, so the 1.1 version that's up now is working smoothly thanks to you and Jei leaving comments about it. ❤ Better a day late than never! After your feedback, I've also gone in and added a link at the start of the page to a content warnings/ending walkthrough post, to hopefully minimize the confusion. What's listed there, and what I think your comment indicates that you saw, is all that there is of Cupid Date.

And I'm glad the premise seemed interesting, haha! I definitely want to do more with these characters, and already have plans in motion for the larger world setting — I actually pulled the setting from a longer WIP — but I'm glad you found what was already here engaging enough to see it through. Comments like this definitely make it all worthwhile, thank you!


Checked the walkthrough and yeah, I've seen it all, then! Thank you!

Glad I could help with fixing a bug! I'll re-download when I want to play again! And also, I'm happy to know you're planning to use the characters again - I really like them all!