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yeah it’s pretty good

Full review:

Also I’m boycotting your products for copyright infringement. Next time learn to respect the


By the way, thanks for introducing me to the seapunk masterpiece that is DISNEY PRINCE$$. I feel like a normie whenever I say that music has the opportunity to affect the way one thinks about the world, but if we live in one where we can get audial productions that layer hopelessness, vapidity, uncertainty, and a bunch of other adjectives for the Teenage Dream, then it must be a pretty decent one, indeed. It’s something that I’m thinking about with my own production, putting those big ideas, these big stories, into such a small package. Seeing it paired up against Cranky Kong on Japanese commercials is an experience one only gets the equivalent of maybe… once a year?

Then again, it could just be me. But nobody puts songs into their work because they don’t like them, right?

i had a long discussion with my lawyers regarding the legality of remixing a SNES game but basically decided i can take Nintendo's strike team out utilizing gorilla tactics as long as i've stretched and they have the wind to their back.

i think you need to ponder less the size of packages. it really doesn't matter as long as it's yours and you keep it trimmed. better a big story idea crammed into something too small than ten in the jungle.

oh and thanks for introducing me to my namesake the furry artist to whom i definitely bear no semblance to now, in the past, or in the future past b-baka



per your bullying i added a link to the sauce in the links section. i do not know where it will show up. i guess that's just one of life's little mysteries. also it might just be you can't find it. maybe you never will. it's probably for the best