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Hi there i love this demake, i play from begin to end and write my own guide xD. 

i try to share with a friends (they don't have internet in their home) but GzDoom superior version of 1.8.6 can't run because their pc is from 2002 and the max version of OpenGL is 2.1.2. GzDoom from some point requieres OpenGL 4 or superior.

Error :

Execution could not continue.

R_OPENGL: OpenGL driver not accelerated!

Someone had a version of GZ (7780 Silent Hills) Playable Teaser, can run with :

GzDoom 1.8.6 -> For run with OpenGL 1
GzDoom 1.9.1 -> For run with OpenGL 2
GzDoom 2.1.1 -> For run with OpenGL 3


I had write that OpenGL versions use by that versions because some years ago a developers writes on some part of forum "GzDoom detect the OpenGL versions is supported by your machine and use that" and well that is just a lie because if your machine don't support the OpenGL version minimun, the GzDoom nevers starts because you don't have the minimun version supported of the API OpenGL to start the GzDoom.

Hello, thank you for playing, i'm sorry but only the latest version of Gzdoom is supported, even if your friend were to pass the OpenGL check, it still wouldn't run because that version of the engine is extremely outdated and would lack a lot of features used to make this project. Your best bet is to tell them to run it with LZDoom instead (you can find it in the same page of Gzdoom), but keep in mind that that's not supported as well so it will not look and play the same.

Hi there, we try with all versions like GzDoom, LzDoom, and any version look like support the GzDoom Format Package File.

But with LZDoom i got Script error and i can't start it.