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When it's done

No in-level collectable is required to progress through the game. Some collectable might just be required if you want to 100% the game and unlock some special things

From the look of it, it's not loading vanilla Doom 2 assets correctly, make sure the DOOM2.wad you're using with the mod is not the BFG edition version, and also is not edited

Thank you, i appreciate it.

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You're right, this is Doom: The Golden Souls 3

Which coin are you talking about specifically? Are you running? It is recommended to have always run enabled otherwise you will not be able to make most of the jumps.

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Exactly, this is a project built for Gzdoom that makes use of everything Gzdoom offers, When I make projects on Doom, I want to take them as far as possible away from standard Doom, and Gzdoom gives me the best freedom of choice, since it's at this point a standalone engine for videogames, look at projects like Selaco or Ashes 2063 for example. 

When I develop GS3, I don't think i'm making a mod for doom, I'm in the mindset that I'm making my own game which happens to share parts of the doom universe, but in the end, it's a vastly different thing, and it's deeply rooted in what this new version of the engine can offer in contrast to the original.

It's alright, there's plenty of old school projects around for people to play, Golden Souls just doesn't happen to be one of them, and it's alright, because it's a beautiful thing that we can have so many mods in this community with different scopes in mind!

If someone goes and makes something akin to Golden Souls in style but with vanilla doom in mind, props to them, I may be the first one to try it, but that ain't my thing to work on.

I'm sorry, I highly disagree.

The Doom comparison doesn't stand because Gzdoom isn't classic Doom anymore, it's a modern engine and has to be treated as such, a 760 can barely run anything nowadays, and so it can barely run Gzdoom like any other modern program or game, it's a ship of theseus situation, there's barely anything that resembles classic Doom code and rendering wise, and it's fair because atleast for me, making vanilla or classic Doom experiences is not what i'm looking for, I'm more into making new games with Doom as a base.

If a PC can't handle Gzdoom, it's not because it's bloated, it's because it's time to upgrade. In fact I'd say the only reason why there's a bit of bloat in the engine is because it has to keep a lot of legacy support not to break things with much older projects, VKDoom, a fork of Gzdoom, drops that and as a result has a much faster rendering pipeline, especially regarding shaders and dynamic lights.

Golden Souls 3 and to an extent 2 and 1 use a lot of features Gzdoom offers that other sourceports don't, and that's because Gzdoom is its own thing at this point, and it's so advanced that it can be used as a proper engine for indie games, it's miles ahead compared to every other sourceport in terms of what the developer can do, and I assure you that this project would not by any chance be possible on anything else.

A GTX 760 as a minimum requirement isn't so absurd, considering it's a 10 year old GPU at this point...

Just some new screenshots to match with the current internal version of the game

Of course, you don't need my permission, stream and record it as much as you like

The fact that you jump too high makes me think that you've got a conflicting addon that replaced the player class and possibly other things, double check that you're not running the game with other mods or addons, if necessary, put gzdoom and doom2.wad in a new folder and let it generate a fresh config and try running the game from there

Please make sure you're running Golden Souls with Doom2.wad and the latest version of gzdoom, without any other mod addons

I don't know what you mean, there are plenty of custom enemies in all three Golden Souls alongside the usual cast of doom baddies.

Please follow the required settings in this page and make sure to be playing on the latest version of GZDoom

This is the highest resolution i have of that specific asset

I post updates every so often on my twitter.

Also just because I don't post it doesn't mean the project is dead, GS is not the only thing I do with my life, I try to dedicate as much time as I can to the project but ultimately I also have other things to follow.

Please press space to load the latest save or press esc and load a game manually, there's also quick save and quick load keys you can bind in the options

Hi can you please film a video of the issue and post it here? Possibly showing your progress, souls collected etc?

Sorry but it's not as simple as flipping a switch, making this work in multiplayer would be a huge if not impossible task. Besides Golden Souls has always been a singleplayer adventure, you can play it technically, but it's janky because it's not supposed to be played like that as many scripts only account for a single player.

Thank you for playing! Looking at the video it seems like models didn't load correctly, either being very warped or completely flat (like the lamps), I'd recommend to wipe clean your config, update Gzdoom and also the video card drivers, if you keep seeing the issue try switching from OpenGL to Vulkan or do the opposite if you use Vulkan by default

I am sorry that it's not running as good as it should be, please check the minimum and recommended specs to see if your computer is up for the task, try running it in Vulkan instead of OpenGL, disable the additional lighting effects in Options/Golden Souls 3 options.

3D models can't be disabled as they're not an optional extra but an integral element of the game

Hello, the charged punch is only featured in GS2 and GS3, I didn't put it here because I wanted to keep the way it worked back with the original GS release, these fists do however make enemies drop armor points on death.

Sorry but multiplayer is not supported, even if it manages to run in co-op there will be game breaking issues such as this one.

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Thank you very much! Please do keep in mind though that I have nothing to do with 3rilogy, and while I appreciate people making addons for my works, they don't represent the original game whatsoever and your experience might differ with those.

What you're trying to load isn't Golden Souls 1.4 but a user made addon (Super Golden Souls), you need to drop both onto gzdoom.exe

When it's done

Konami Kukeiha Club - Simon's Theme

In Castlevania, hearts are ammo for the subweapons, to heal yourself, whip suspicious looking cracked brick walls to find health items.

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Alright, thank you very much.

To answer the first point, I'm aware of that, in fact wrote an updated version of the tutorial that better explained that you have to crouch first and then jump, but for some reason it reverted to the old one (I probably forgot to replace the graphic while publishing hotfix version 2)

That said the actual tutorial of the game will better explain the long jump and also provide a proper learning curve for the player so that once they reach the first level they're already comfortable with the action, it's very comfortable to use it's just that, I didn't do a proper job of explaining it in the demo and it's my fault for that.
And yes not having a small delay did generate some issues especially when longjumping in narrow spaces.

I could update the demo but to be fair my dev version and the demo version differ so much now that it would be a pain to go back and fix some of the bugs that I noticed (including that the last soul in Serenity Shrine doesn't despawn if you exit the level without collecting it, which is kind of a big bug but it's already fixed in dev version).

Second point, it wasn't intended at first but I don't mind it so it's there, I have no interest in fixing something that doesn't really affect the experience, if anything it might be useful for speedrunners and people that wanna do specific runs and might wanna exploit some of the mechanics, I'm all for that.

I understand the confusion about the last point, which is why if you collect a golden soul in the level it tells you the exact number of souls you can still collect, if there's any, that's a clear indicator of how much stuff there is in the level from the mission you selected. Unfortunately I can't make it so the level automatically transitions to the stages that actually change elements as it would be a real nightmare for me to implement dynamically, not only that but some future stages will also probably change the layout per mission and that would be an absolute nightmare to seamlessly transition, so I guess i'm taking the old fashioned SM64 route where for some missions you will have to re-enter the stage.

Thank you! Yeah please do explain the oddities you're talking about, I take all feedback in consideration.

Around 3 hours usually, but it can be completed in under a hour if you know what you're doing.

GZDoom only, sorry

Enable Always run, press F1 for a quick setup guide to make sure you're playing the game correctly.

Follow what the error prompt said except you place Simon's Destiny in that path.

Hello, thank you for playing, i'm sorry but only the latest version of Gzdoom is supported, even if your friend were to pass the OpenGL check, it still wouldn't run because that version of the engine is extremely outdated and would lack a lot of features used to make this project. Your best bet is to tell them to run it with LZDoom instead (you can find it in the same page of Gzdoom), but keep in mind that that's not supported as well so it will not look and play the same.

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Thanks for playing, the last puzzle doesn't reset if you die, so in your case, after exiting the basement, you've already got the first laugh and you can start straight away by getting the second laugh instead.

A user was working on an edited version that could run on quest so you might hear about that soon enough. The official version was made only for standard Gzdoom

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Only the latest Gzdoom version is supported, you might be able to find something to run it on mobile, but expect crashes, unexpected behavior and glitches