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Around 3 hours usually, but it can be completed in under a hour if you know what you're doing.

GZDoom only, sorry

Enable Always run, press F1 for a quick setup guide to make sure you're playing the game correctly.

Follow what the error prompt said except you place Simon's Destiny in that path.

Hello, thank you for playing, i'm sorry but only the latest version of Gzdoom is supported, even if your friend were to pass the OpenGL check, it still wouldn't run because that version of the engine is extremely outdated and would lack a lot of features used to make this project. Your best bet is to tell them to run it with LZDoom instead (you can find it in the same page of Gzdoom), but keep in mind that that's not supported as well so it will not look and play the same.

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Thanks for playing, the last puzzle doesn't reset if you die, so in your case, after exiting the basement, you've already got the first laugh and you can start straight away by getting the second laugh instead.

A user was working on an edited version that could run on quest so you might hear about that soon enough. The official version was made only for standard Gzdoom

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Only the latest Gzdoom version is supported, you might be able to find something to run it on mobile, but expect crashes, unexpected behavior and glitches

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Update Gzdoom, make sure you're launching the game correctly (check the readme)

Thank you very much for playing, I might perhaps talk about it in one of my dev streams on Twitch one of these days: (If the content is meaningful, it will be reuploaded as a Youtube video of course)

They unlock a special level in the garden, not all the coins are required so they're mostly something for 100% completionists.