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Those are some gorgeous models and beautiful animations. You really capture that dark fantasy feeling.

The combat flows well, though I kinda want hits to feel a bit meatier.  Then again, the enemies ARE spooky ghosts, so I dunno. Also, I wonder if you could add another indication that you've run out of stamina. I may just be a turbopleb right now, but looking away from the skirmish to look at the health bars kinda breaks the immersion.


Thanks! I was thinking about the stamina too, and I was actually wondering if it's better to move the player's health and stamina bars to the bottom of the screen (below where the player is), it's in my todo list, so I'll be experimenting on that. I was also thinking of making the stamina bar glow when you're almost empty, and have the glow brighter the more you get closer to empty.

About the meatiness, I'm hoping that once I add sounds, that would help, although I will not be worrying about sounds for now, while I implement other things.