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Very stylish, especially together with the music. You really captured that sci-fi feel with the models. The intro screen was also pretty funny.

Would've loved to see more enemies, but it sounds like you're working on that. Also, would be cool if you added something for the type of people who collect all the coins / do the valve thing (although I guess it may be overkill for an alpha demo).

Didn't notice any noteworthy bugs or quality issues, it got a little frame-droppy on the outside platform when basically the whole level was visible, but I guess that's to be expected.


Thanks for the feedback!

The valves in the game are supposed to be a part of the puzzle - I originally intended to make the player blow up the tower, and in order to do that, the cooling system needed to be shut off. That will probably be in the next build. Also the collectables - I'm thinking of making it possible to buy an extra life, or maybe some grenades, once you collect X amount of coins. It will be handy once there are more enemies in the game.