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I personally love this game. The way it looks and it's story telling. I also love that even when you lose you can try again. It's visually pleasant to look at and unique. I personally don't know why this game isn't for sale and can be downloaded for free.

So I haven't completed the game because after some amount of time playing the game I pressed "X" and tried to save to play the game later and an error came up and I was forced to exit the game losing all that time. Now I'll play it again but that was very weird. Seems like you should not press "X" anywhere, even at the start menu.

Anyways good game. I like you.

Thank you for playing my game! And that is really strange? I have yet to hear of "X" causing such an issue, but I will try to see if I can find an issue to that.

 I have downloaded the game from onto my computer and pressing "X" doesn't seem to cause any issues, do you happen to remember what the error message said or have a screenshot? Maybe I can find a way to fix this and re-upload it so this won't happen again. But I do apologize for that, sorry! And I like you too, friend!

No problem! Yes, it is quite strange. 

Wish I could show you the message but I'll type it out for you, and it says, 


Error:EPERM:operation not permitted, mkdr'C:/Program Files(x86)\GoodnightJemmy\www\save'

It honestly happens whenever I access the options. Like when I go into options and try to leave by pressing "X" it gives me that error above.

When I try to save, it cannot, it just makes some sound and I can exit and continue playing the game. I could just keep playing the game without going into option and it'll be fine. 

Anyways, it's a small issue that I'm ok with. 

I am going to try resolve this issue if possible, or at least let people know of how to avoid the error. Thanks again for playing and sorry you had to deal with this issue. 


I was able to replicate the problem. It's an issue with how Windows handles permissions. It's a simple fix, all you gotta do is install the game anywhere else on your computer. Don't install it to Program Files or Program Files (x86).

Blargafiggle is the master of computers!