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I love text adventures! Can't wait to play this one! :) Thank you so much for all this work and effort to make the story! I'm going in blind!

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Yay! Thank you! Have fun!


Looks like I have to start fishing to get food, to get stronger and use the pulley. I haven't found any bait yet, but something weird happens. There is this small pool area where the tide comes and goes, and I thought, maybe I need to catch smaller fish first to get a bigger fish later. So at that place, I typed: attach net to pool. I think.

The description of the place "Narrow Strait" doesn't mention trees at all, but the game tells me that I've just crafted a hammock between two trees instead of my intention to filter the pool, or try fishing something with it. ^^' Now there's a hammock there on that Narrow Strait, and I'm not even sure if it actually is supposed to be there. Haven't tried sleeping on it yet.

oh wow nice find! I definitely need to fix that! Thanks 😁  

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Thanks so much! I've starting playing again, and this time I'll keep drawing a map. Been wandering about for ages. Tried to look under the rock for edibles but can't roll it though. I can't fish, because I have no bait yet. Kinda stuck, but I'll keep trying. I was wondering about that Save game system, which I think is fantastic -- in theory only, sadly, because it doesn't work. On my TheC64 I always 100% get a disk drive error if I ever attempt to save and then restore a game, both in full floppy emulation mode and without. It even resets back to BASIC after. :( I wish that worked because actual save game slots? Nice! I know I can just freeze the ram but, I prefer to do it the normal way.

Anyway, I'll keep trying to get food. It feels like I'm stuck on the first screen. Uh oh.

Hi Jammet, today's update should address the save problem. Let me know if it works better with the .d81 file on TheC64! Thanks

Thank you so much for doing this much! I know that's been extra work and I apologise. I'll be able to try it this weekend, if I get some time to play :). But I'm fairly certain that this will work! I remember somebody solved the exact same issue this way before.

No worries, don't apologize!! It's my first time rolling out a game with that toolchain, and I don't know the platforms as well as the people who have been using them for a while, so I appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to perfect my toolchain for future use ;) Enjoy the game!