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Really enjoyed the game, although the text dialogue that pops up went off the screen so fast I could barely read it.  So the majority of the story was lost on me.  But as far as game-play, the game was challenging, and unique.  Really like the hacking, with a bit of a Matrix feel to it.  One of the first 'levels' was so hard that I had to implement a glitch I found just to beat it.  So I might suggest a bit less of a jump from difficulty.  But I was able to finish it.  Glad to see this made it to the front page!


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Hi PsudoGrimm! 

I recently updated katabasis so that the player dismisses the messages whenever they want - hopefully this is a much better system! 

I also redesigned the level you're talking about so hopefully it's not so ridiculously hard now :')

Thanks for checking out the game!